Lanka Securities Morning Note 23 September 2015

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Lanka Securities Morning Note 23 September 2015

Post  Melissa Pereira on Thu Sep 24, 2015 11:16 am

Renuka City Hotels - XD date (LKR 6.00 per share)
Cargo Boat Development - XD date (LKR 1.50 per share)
Vidullanka - Capitalization of Reserves – XC date

Elpitiya Plantations - XD date (LKR 0.75 per share)
The Kandy Hotels Company - XD date (LKR 0.20 per share)
Mackwoods Energy - XD date (LKR 0.10 per share)
Hikkaduwa Beach Resort - Dividend payment date (LKR 0.12 per share)
C M Holdings - Dividend payment date (LKR 6.00 per share)
Central Bank of Sri Lanka - Monetary Policy - September 2015
Please refer the link for more details-

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